how to recover from getting a tooth pulled

How To Recover From Getting a Tooth Pulled

Your dentist in Cranston will do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth — including performing root canal procedures — but won’t allow any injury or infection to put your health at risk. There are times — be it because of advanced tooth decay, infection, or injury, for example — when the best alternative is…

what you need to know about tmj disorders including simple treatments

What You Need to Know About TMJ Disorders, Including Simple Treatments

Your temporomandibular joint connects your mandible (your bottom jaw) to your temporal bone (the bone on each side of your head). You’ll often see the temporomandibular joint referred to as your TMJ. The joint includes a small soft disc that sits where your temporal bone and the ends of your lower jaw (called condyles) meet….

Do I Qualify for Sedation Dentistry?

There is a misconception that dental professionals cause you pain. One of the reasons for it goes back centuries ago when there were no modern techniques and the treatment for a damaged tooth was extracting it without medication to numb the area. However, even nowadays, people fear the dentist. You should know that our family…