Dental Implants: A Permanent Tooth Replacement To Consider

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dental implants a permanent tooth replacement to consider

Do your missing teeth ruin your smile and shatter your self-confidence? 

Teeth can be replaced with a variety of dental treatments. Dental implants is one of the solutions to consider if you want to replace lost teeth that can help you regain the functionality of your teeth while enhancing the beauty of your smile. 

Dental implants provide solutions that are long-lasting. These implants stay firm in your mouth without requiring support from your neighboring teeth or shifting or moving. You get a tooth replacement that blends in seamlessly with your existing natural teeth. Hence, if you want a long-term fix for your missing tooth, get in touch with our dentist near you to find out more about the procedure and its benefits.

What Are Dental Implants?

These titanium implants that resemble screws are implanted into your jawbone surgically. The titanium implant is integrated into your jaw, providing a solid foundation for your prosthetic tooth.

Depending on your oral and jaw health, it may take you three to six months to recover and heal after this titanium post has been implanted. Your dentist will attach a dental crown over this implant to replace your missing teeth after you have completely recovered.

If you’ve lost a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants can help you replace them, and if you’ve lost the majority of your teeth, they can even support implant-supported dentures.

Why Consider Dental Implants Over Other Solutions?

Dental implants are not the sole option for replacing missing teeth. There are a variety of alternatives to dental implants, but they don’t provide a long-term fix and must be replaced after five to 10 years. Dentures or bridges, which are tooth replacement solutions, might also cause further complications. 

If you consider dental bridges as an alternative, they need support from the teeth next to the space left by the lost tooth. Even when you have a dental bridge that looks natural to fill the gap in your mouth, it’s still necessary to compromise the adjoining teeth’s tooth structure. Dentures are more resilient than dental bridges, although they eventually need to be replaced after ten years.

Conversely, dental implants near you remain in place after being surgically implanted in your jawbone, eliminating the need for support from your neighboring teeth.

How Do Dental Implants Achieve Permanency?

Bone formation, which takes three to six months, is the process by which a dental implant and your jawbone fuse together. The implant begins to function like the roots of your teeth once it has fully integrated into your mouth. Most individuals believe dental implants are inappropriate since they take too long to recover and you may want your missing teeth replaced immediately. After receiving dental implants, our dentist in Seton makes sure there are no gaps in your smile. They give you a temporary substitute tooth that mimics your natural teeth, but it is only temporary and will need to be replaced after you recover.

Are You Eligible for Dental Implants?

This procedure is available to anyone with gums that are strong enough to support a dental implant. Patients should have sufficient bone to support the implant along with healthy gums. You must be committed to maintaining proper oral hygiene and visiting the dentist on a regular basis. If you intend to obtain a dental implant to replace your missing teeth, maintaining proper oral hygiene is also essential.

Those who have had radiation therapy to the head and neck region, anyone who smokes excessively, people with uncontrolled chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease, and all others need to be properly evaluated. If you’re considering getting implants, ask your dentist if they’re a great option for you.

To learn more about dental implants contact us and visit Seton Dental Wellness today to consult with our experts! 

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