Laser Dentistry: Painful or Pain-Free?

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laser dentistry painful or pain free

Most people would tell you not to go sticking sharp, pointy, metal things in your mouth, but then your dentist near you comes at you with a large, noisy metal drill, and that is supposed to be perfectly alright. No wonder so many people fear the dentist when many dental procedures require stitches, sharp tools, and anesthesia. Luckily, laser dentistry in Seton is helping our dentists at Seton Dental Wellness make dental visits as painless, simple, and easy as possible. Laser dentistry is an effective and quick method our dentist in Cranston uses to perform a wide range of dental procedures.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

Laser dentistry near you uses an intensely focused beam of light energy to perform precise dental procedures. These beams are easy to control and allow our dentist in Seton to painlessly cut through tissue, eliminate tooth decay, and remove diseased portions of tissue. Since the laser beam cauterizes tissue as it works, there is minimal bleeding associated with laser dentistry. Lasers also reduce the chances of bacterial infections because they sterilize the area and minimize damage to surrounding oral tissues.

So, is Laser Dentistry Painless?

If just the idea of a dentist coming near your mouth with a sharp and gleaming scalpel is enough to send you running for the hills, then laser dentistry in Cranston is your new best friend. This innovative dental technology is much less invasive than other dentistry methods and completely eliminates the need for scalpels and drills in the majority of dental procedures. Even taking biopsies and filling cavities become painless and easy with the help of laser dentistry. All procedures are performed with incredible accuracy to protect the surrounding oral tissues, and no stitches are required following the procedure due to the cauterizing nature of dental lasers.

What Can Laser Dentistry Be Used For?

Laser dentistry comes with a multitude of uses. For example, your dentist can use a laser to access the gum pockets and remove bacteria if you require gum disease treatment. Studies have shown that dental lasers can reduce bacteria in the mouth more effectively than root planing or scaling.

Laser dentistry can also be used to cut through your tooth enamel and allow your dentist access to infected or damaged tissue on the inside of your tooth without the need for a large, loud, and scary dental drill.

If you require any form of dental procedure, speak to your dentist to see if laser dentistry is an appropriate method for the procedure.

Why Choose Laser Dentistry?

As mentioned before, a dental laser can cut your tissue on contact without causing any pain at all. While this may seem tough to wrap your head around because “cutting” and “painless” seldom ever go together, this is the draw of laser dentistry. With laser dentistry, you can undergo otherwise invasive dental procedures without the need for anesthesia, eliminating recovery times and the use of needles.

Laser dentistry is fairly new and has only been in full operation for about twenty years, so it is not unreasonable that some patients are apprehensive about this treatment method. However, fear of pain, bleeding, and sharp tools can all be ruled out with the use of laser dentistry, so it is definitely worth considering, especially if you suffer from dental anxiety.