Tooth Extractions in Seton, AB

Tooth Extraction Near You

Dentists try to preserve teeth whenever possible. There are some situations in which it is essential to extract a tooth: to prepare for orthodontic work or implants; to relieve present or future overcrowding; to address severe decay or advanced periodontal disease, or to remove a broken tooth.

tooth extraction in Seton

Undergoing Tooth Extraction

Before performing a tooth extraction in Calgary, AB, your dentist will discuss your medical history to understand any issues that might increase the risk of infection. Relevant issues that you should discuss with your dentists are any history of liver disease, congenital heart defects, or bacterial endocarditis, and whether you may have a compromised immune system for any reason. You should also disclose any prescription, over-the-counter, and recreational drugs that you are taking to your dentist, including any blood thinners.

Before the extraction begins, the dentist will numb your tooth, jaw, and gums with a local anesthetic. If you are particularly anxious about pain, discomfort, or dental treatment generally, we can provide sedation dentistry options to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. If you have questions about receiving a tooth extraction near you, contact our dental clinic and we will be happy to answer them.

The Process

When receiving a tooth extraction in Calgary, AB the process typically begins with the dentist gently but firmly rocking the tooth back and forth to widen its socket to ease extraction. You will not feel pain during this step but may notice pressure in the area. If necessary, your dentist will section your tooth. That means the tooth will be cut into pieces to be extracted one at a time.

At the end of the tooth extraction in Calgary, AB, we will ensure that a blood socket has formed in the jaw where your tooth used to be. That clot will protect the area from infection, prevent excessive bleeding, and keep the nerve in your gums and jaw from being exposed. We will provide you with detailed and very important instructions for how to care for your gums and to preserve that essential clot after the extraction.

Once you have recovered from the extraction procedure, you and your dentist will discuss alternatives for replacing that missing tooth to prevent the negative consequences of tooth loss.

If you have any questions about receiving tooth extractions near Cranston, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Key Points About Tooth Extraction

  • To protect your blood clot, for 72 hours (three days) after a tooth extraction, do not rinse vigorously, smoke, drink alcohol, suck on strays, spit, or brush your teeth near the extraction site.
  • You will experience soreness and swelling after an extraction in Calgary, AB. The soreness can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication. Swelling can be treated with cold compresses and usually subsides within 48 hours.

Looking to receive tooth extractions near you? If you are interested in receiving a tooth extraction in Calgary, AB, or would like to determine when you should receive a tooth extraction contact our dental office today.